According to ADEME, the production phase accounts for 32% of food loss and waste by weight, while the (industrial) processing phase accounts for 21%.

In parallel, €630m of non-food goods are destroyed each year, which has a financial, social and ecological impact for industrial firms.

Unsold stock accrues under many scenarios: surplus stocks (forecast sales v. order reality); goods beyond contractual date; outdated/discontinued goods; packaging changes; low-turnover innovations; fresh produce with short use-by dates or best-before dates exceeded; “Delayed differentiation” Slow Movers…

Comerso offers you a comprehensive solution to realise the value of your unsold goods, generating an economic impact and positive CSR.


Economic performance

You increase your turnover and margins:
– Secure, optimised sales via our platform
– Tax savings via public works donations

You improve your brand image and generate consumer preferences: add dynamism to your sales!


Environmental CSR impact

You discard less and so you significantly improve your environmental impact.


Social CSR impact

You commit your business to a social approach that has a highly positive impact on local charities, and engage your teams in a meaningful project.

How does it work?

Comerso offer you a comprehensive solution for unsold goods, combining a secure stock clearance solution with a turnkey solution for charitable donations. Our unique solution allows you to realise the value of your bulk unsold stock, responsively, all year round.

Realise the value of unsold / surplus / outdated stock

Stock clearance


Charitable donation


KPI Control / Management


CSR / Media / Tools


Our commitments


Secure Process

Our process is based on a Health Control Plan developed by external expert consultants.


Optimal customer experience

Our solutions harness all the potential of new technology so as to offer you an optimal, natural, fluid and efficient customer experience.

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100% Made in France customer service

All our teams are based in France
We undertake to be as responsive as possible.

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Our goal: To reduce your bin volume and to aim for Zero-Waste.

Thanks to our comprehensive approach, you will make savings and simultaneously involve your teams in a true business project while accentuating your impact and positive image in your local area and vis-à-vis your clientele.

For stock clearance, via our C-Destock® solution we pay ourselves a percentage of the selling price.

For donations management, via our C-Don® solution, we are paid proportionally from the savings that will be generated for the shop.

Our C-Destock® solution connects you in real time to a whole array of discount stores and stock clearers. Thus, you maximise your chances of moving stock on – and you save time!

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Our unique solution combining stock clearance and donations allows us to take responsibility for your unsold stock whatever your volumes. Together we study the optimal channels for sales and added value.

By combining stock clearance and/or donations, we undertake to offer you a Zero Waste service.

Responsiveness is one of our great strengths! Whether via our platform, connecting supply and demand in real time, or via our national network of approved charities, we will do all that we can to offer you a Zero Waste service.

Our network of charity partnerships throughout France offers you great flexibility and adaptability. We thereby optimise your organisation and processes while maintaining your existing partnerships and increasing the frequency of collection visits, if necessary.

We adapt means of transport/ logistics to product quantity and type but also to the location of the charities receiving the goods, ensuring you have a fast, complete and secure solution, whatever the time of year.

100% of our charity partners are RPI/RPU* approved (depending on the legislation applicable), thereby guaranteeing you complete compliance with the legislation applicable.

*: all our charities have Recognised Public Interest or Recognised Public Utility (RPI/RPU) status, depending on the legislation applicable.

This is the core added value from our C-Don® solution. We are able to establish collections from shops located in geographical areas that charities cannot currently reach.