You cannot order high productivity, you must provide the tools to allow people to do better.

Steve Jobs – Businessman, Computer Scientist & Inventor (1955-2011)

Tech: the best response to business waste issues

The field of new technology is vast.

Our professional role consists in identifying and using appropriate technology so as to provide the best possible response to our customers’ waste issues, via our solutions.

We thereby transform an obligation to manage unsold stock and waste into a positive, high-impact activity.

Our solutions are intuitive and compatible with the everyday work of businesses so as to allow them to engage in action now, immediately!

items of data handled in 2018

Innovating and developing new work solutions

New solutions…
Data management and the provision of Artificial Intelligence within our solutions allows us to optimise the whole value chain for unsold stock at businesses We want ergonomic tools that are as widely accessible as possible, so as to provide a simple response to the complex problem of waste.

…for new uses and new professions
By selecting the best technologies on the market and capitalising on their power in the development of our tools, we create turnkey solutions that give existing processes greater fluidity so as to optimise everyday Zero-Waste practices.

Agile methods & co-construction

Our IT team is “agile”, our solutions are developed based on the Scrum methodological approach, providing a development environment that is transparent and pragmatic.

…& co-construction
Our solutions are systematically “co-constructed” with our “early adopter” customers, then tested in POC* form. Once tested, we deploy our solutions on a large scale.
Ultimately, our agility and adaptability allows us to control costs but to respond rapidly and appropriately to our customers’ needs.

* : Proof Of Concept: short or incomplete specific, preliminary experimental work, illustrating a certain method or idea so as to demonstrate its feasibility


Reliability & security

Ensuring infallible security via data security for our customers and partners has always been a core priority for us.

That is why we chose to base our infrastructure on Microsoft Azure, reputed as one of the safest cloud computing platforms on the market. Neither is it a coincidence that more than 95% of businesses listed in the Fortune 500 use Azure.

Connection to the ecosystem

We benefit from the rich, dynamic laFrenchTech and Station-F ecosystem, where we are hosted in the Shake-Up-Factory accelerator. We ensure that our customers benefit from this rich ecosystem and from the best possible connections between players.


New technology at the service of CSR

A few examples of specific applications


Economic performance

Productivity boost
For our promotional tools, we opted for a touch-screen PDA and a compact, mobile printer so as to offer a fluid and instinctive customer experience. Users benefit in time and convenience.

The e-signing deployed on most of our tools allows us to secure, simplify and accelerate the work of our customers and charities.

Optimisation of profitability
The major economic challenge in the product life cycle that occurs at the unsold stock stage requires the optimal protection of their profitability.

Our digital management tools allow us to conduct refined but reliable analysis of the activity so as to adopt the best practices for cost reduction. Ultimately, margins are protected and profitability is optimised.


Environmental CSR impact

Environmental data
In 2018 we collected the equivalent of 18 million items of data.
All this data, exported in a computer designed by an external expert consultancy, allows us to determine positive impacts in terms of the net CO2 emissions of our work and for our customers at hypermarkets & supermarkets.

Limitation of waste
All our SATO client printers are for thermal printing and do not use ink cartridges. A preference for 0 ink consumables in the shop.


Social CSR impact

Agility at the service of expression
In-house, we try to ensure that everyone can express themselves as a Responsible Player,
The agile method provides a free and benevolent environment in which everyone can give free expression to their talents

Data about the service for charities
18.5 million meals distributed in 2018 Every day, unsold goods passing through our systems are traced and monitored digitally. Each customer and charity partner is able to identify the source or provenance of goods.

This Data may be converted into “nutritional equivalents” allowing our partner charities to ascertain the quality of the goods distributed.