COMERSO allows you to top up your procurement volumes on a daily basis, depending on your needs, with a wide variety of high-quality goods that comply with the health standards applicable.

What are the benefits for your charity?


100% Free

The Comerso service is completely free to your charity


100% Secure

The Comerso process is completely secure from collection to receipt by your charity


Control of cold chain

Our Health Control Plan (HCP) and digital tools ensure that the process is fully compliant with the regulations applicable*


Regular collections

With you, we draw up a regular collection schedule, facilitating your procurement


High-quality supplies

We train donor shop teams so as to ensure high-quality donations Thus, the “scrappage rate” is no more than 7%**


Product variety

Refrigerated transport facilitates the procurement of fresh produce (meat, dairy produce, fruit & veg. etc.)


Organisational simplicity

Our Health Control Plan (HCP) / process is integrated into your charity’s operations. We train your volunteers to use our tools.

Administrative simplicity

We facilitate your administrative work. For example, we place e-signing at your disposal, allowing you to protect security and facilitate the validation of donations certificates.

*: Article 238bis of the French General Tax Code
**: finding after 1 year of Comerso service by one of our partner charities.

Distribution of foodstuffs by product type collected

TOP 4 categories of products given most at hypermarkets & supermarkets:
Fresh Produce and Self-Service Lines (FPSS) / Fruit & Veg. / Grocery and Bakery/Patisserie


Source: 2018 Comerso HM+SM Panel equipped with C-Don® solution
*: Fresh Produce & Self-Service

How does Comerso work?



We work with you to verify your charity’s approvals and take an inventory of the equipment you have available.

We equip your charity with Comerso digital tools.



Transport is provided according to our HCP (Health Control Plan) so as to ensure the health security of goods from the collection point through to your charity.
The frequency of visits is agreed according to needs and potential.


Real-time traceability

We train your volunteers to use our digital tools, allowing for continuous traceability of goods.


Certificate validations

At the month end, we ask you to check donations certificates via e-signing for direct transmission to our customers.


Our service is free of charge to your charity.

Comerso pays itself a proportion of the savings that will be generated at shop level.

Together we draw up a regular collection schedule, facilitating your procurement.
Shop/business donations are variable by nature. That is the very principle of donations. With a Comerso partnership established over time, you are always assured that you will have a wide range of high-quality goods.
Comerso collections can complement your current activities. You therefore benefit from an additional volume of high-quality goods. The training that we provide in donor shops allows you, in practice, to have a low “scrappage rate” of about 7%.
You have nothing to produce at your end. Midway through the month, we send you the previous month’s donation certificates electronically so that you can validate them. Those certificates are 100% compliant with the legislation applicable.